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Guida al pagamento online delle fatture EDF

We will guide you in this article on how to pay your EDF online. By the end of this article, you will be able to understand the different sections of your bill, how to pay your EDF bill and whether you can gain assistance for such. 

Scanning through your EDF bill

In the left column of the first invoice page, you will find all the general information about your account and the contact number of the EDF payment invoice. This specifically lists your customer reference number (Votre référence client). 


You must be in all correspondence with the EDF accountant. Use it. The ‘Point de Livraison’ reference number that identifies your property is also shown in the left column.

 If there is a supply problem, EDF will often ask for it. The blue box next to all these statistics can show the amount you have to pay during that period.


If you turn over, you will find information about tariffs, starting with energy consumption over time, the cost of this consumption, the monthly fixed charge (payment), and other applicable taxes and duties, especially those related to renewable energy.


If you use off-peak electricity then you will be able to find records of on-peak (Heures Pleines) electrical consumption along with off-peak(Heures Creuses) electrical consumption. This part of the bill will also list the taxes and charges applicable to your power supply.


The final page of the bill provides records about the standard rate for electricity in France. There is also information on how to file a complaint. This page also provides information about the trends in your electricity consumption.

The Taxes Charged On Your Power Supply:

The Contribution Tarifaire d’Acheminement (CTA) finances the pension schemes of power and gas line workers. The CTA is known as the retirement tariff. The tax per cent varies depending on the tariff chosen.

The Contribution au Service Public d’Electricité (CSPE) is an import levy. The price is 0.0225 €/kWh.

The Taxe sur la Consommation Finale d’Electricité (TCFE) is applicable in each parish, branch and department. It is a part of their revenue scheme. It is rated at 0.0096 €/kWh.

The Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée (TVA)is charged at the rate of 5.5% on the CTA and 20% on intake, along with the CSPE and TCFE.

How do I pay my EDF bill online?

Following receipt of your invoice, you can either pay by check or set up a direct debit (prélèvement automatique). You can also pay with a credit card. You can also set up to pay your bill online by creating a web account.


 This is possible for EDF via Mon Espace Client.

EDF audits your electricity bill every six months and sends you an invoice every month. As a result, for the majority of the year, the payments you receive will be based on a predicted reading performed by them.


 If you are away when they call and your meter is on the property, they will leave a Coupon Auto Relevé that you must return to them in 9 days with the results of your analysis. Between those times, 


if you only need to pay for actual consumption each time, you could examine the meter yourself and send them the information, either via the internet or by phone, to be included on your invoice.

You also can pick out the regularity of payment. Normally, an invoice is sent out each month, however, as soon as you have a longtime pattern of use, you could pay the identical amount every month. 


Any distinction from real use is regularised at the end of the 12 months.

If the property is a 2nd home you could set up to be sent an invoice every six months. Online billing is available, just by signing up for it via your EDF online account.


How to get assistance with paying my EDF bill?

It does not matter if you use electricity or not to power your home. If you have a low income, you have a chance of being eligible for any assistance with your bill.


 Support comes in the form of a cheque(chèque énergie) with amounts ranging from  €48 to €277. You will receive assistance despite the situation is tight and any support provided is meagre.

Unmarried people with net earnings (Revenu Fiscal de Référence) of no more than €10,800 are eligible, with a couple with children earning around €15,500.


 However, you may be eligible for a minimum level of assistance if you are within or near the maximum income margin. There is a legitimate simulator you may use to evaluate your eligibility at Chèque énergie.

The cheque cannot be cashed; instead, it should be used to pay an electricity bill or for energy conservation projects. 

Potential applicants are not required to take any action. Bills can be issued as a result of tax returns submitted.

How to lodge complaints regarding your EDF bill?

If you have any issue regarding your bill, power supply, or the services of EDF, you should immediately lodge a complaint.

 You can do so by using the ‘Contact’ form. You can speak with an English-speaking consultant if you are not fluent in French. The phone number to speak to a consultant in English is 0033-(0)-969-366-383.

 You are also allowed to contact any one of the regional offices. 

You can also apply online to file a complaint. You will receive a decision/recommendation from the Médiateur within a period of two months.

 This recommendation is purely advisory and any party responsible can always choose to disregard it.

 Even though it is strictly advisory, the supplier is still instructed to notify the Médiateur of any action taken as a result of the decision imposed. 


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