Booking Invoice


In this article, we will be talking about; Booking Invoice. This invoice booking has an important value and important gestures in the businesses. When you are going to take over to the business, then you must take care of such aspects regarding invoices and other elements.

In this article, we will be taking a brief look at that, so, we are suggesting you stay tuned with the entire article.

How to book an invoice?

When you are going to do business with your customers then there are a few things that cannot be ignored. As you are doing a business then it is obvious that you must be paid for whatever services you provide for your clients.

Although you can create your templates based on your terms on such invoices and can create an invoice jiffy.

In order to book an invoice, first of all, create your products in the “Sales” tab with the help of the “Products” option. Or you can also create your products list when you are creating your invoice. Or whenever you get ready to book your first invoice.

In this order, you will be able to your invoices.

Then you can click on the “Sales” tab. And then the “Option” tab will pop up on the screen in the menu, choose that.

After that, now click on the “new invoice” option and then fill in the required information. After finishing this task, you are good to click on the “book and send invoice” button. Now you are done with the whole process.

And whenever your client pays then you will need to book the payment in the invoice. This you will do in the accounting tab where you can fill the entries. Or click on the new entry option and put in the invoice number, once you have entered the number and all the relevant skills then it will be automatically picked up in the field.

Then click on the Save button.


How to send invoices bookings?

Now you know, how to book an invoice. So, you just need to know how to send those invoices? In order to produce a sales invoice or delivery note, you will need to click right on an existing sales transaction and then you will select send an invoice or send a delivery note. Or also you can paint, email, or save in any kind of format like in a PDF format if it is required.

However, you can also drag and drop the thumbnail on the screen near the bottom corner in the left. You can drop it in a mail compose window, then find your item that accepts PDF documents or files. Then a new window will pop up on the screen that will contain a PDF view or the invoice, receipt, or credit note.

How we can proceed in sending invoice bookings?

  • Send that invoice in a PDF format with an email, you can print it, you can save it, you can open it with another app.
  • Also, you can successfully change the customer details such as customer’s address, customer payment terms, conditions, and much more.
  • You can update invoice booking in your business details too. In case if you have changed in address, or if you have updated your payment standards. And also, if you have to change the logo of your business and much more.
  • And in addition to this, you can also change the wordings of text labels.
  • You can create your own business templates in your invoice.

Invoices and Fees

How invoice booking process is done?

Invoice Booking and Processing is the entire process that your business company or corporation’s accounts payable team require and uses in order to handle invoices to their suppliers.

However, these invoice amounts may be in a coded form for the correct accounts, projects, or other cost centres. Then this invoice must be sent to the budget owner or any other corporation’s responsible person for its review and for its approval.

Booking Invoice

Overview for You

This article was all about; Booking Invoices. In this article, we have given you a brief account of this topic. We hope you caught this topic well and it might be helpful to you.

If you are in a business field or want to start a new business then you must have to take care of a few things here. This wholesome knowledge would be helpful for you to take over business servers.

However, we are suggesting you go through this entire article once meticulously and also, make sure that you are not going to miss anything important from this article.

Although this invoice booking has an important value in the business field. And you just need to take care of these aspects while you are going to take over in a business.

Also, follow us for more updates in order to collect knowledge in every business aspect. And make sure that you are getting a whole of the article. Enjoy!


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